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Book 50% off any specialty IV
(first time clients only)

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At Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, experience a one-hour escape from life with our replenishing IV services. Relax in our luxurious massage chairs while addressing fatigue, cold/flu, enhancing athletic performance, or improving overall health. Enjoy a personalized health consultation before your infusion. First-time customers get 50% off any specialty drip.  Book this offer for  a rejuvenating experience at one of our 16 locations listed below. Feel, look, and perform your best effortlessly!

About Us

Our Services

IV Therapy Treatments

At Prime IV, our skilled medical staff will give you a consultation prior to your IV infusion. Our drips are specifically formulated with rich vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids which will dramatically increase energy, boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, aid in muscle recovery and even help you quickly bounce back from a hangover.

Prime IV Memberships

Maintaining ongoing control of your health is crucial. A Prime IV Membership simplifies the process, ensuring consistent optimization of your hydration and nutrient levels month after month.

Hangover Recovery

Immunity Boost

The Myers' Cocktail

Athletic Performance



Weight Loss

Sun & Heat Recovery

Beauty Boost

Liver Detox


"The greatest wealth is health."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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